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Professional Legal Intermediary Services, Based in London, Serving Nationwide

At ASL Legal & Property Group Ltd, we are fully qualified legal professionals with many years of experience in the legal sector. Known as intermediaries, we establish a professional relationship with our clients, working on probate and property cases across England and Wales.

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Facilitators, Working Between Clients and Barristers 

At ASL Legal & Property Group Limited, our team of legal intermediaries work closely with our clients on a variety of cases, including the probate and property law sectors. 

Our primary focus is to assist litigants in lawsuits who may have encountered challenges with solicitors in the past. We act as intermediaries, working between clients and barristers, ensuring that each process is dealt with efficiently, also ensuring that the right barrister is engaged for the case, giving you more chance of success.


Whether you need guidance in real estate law such as property finance, social housing or even mortgages, our specialists can help.

Lawyer with Clients

Guiding Our Clients Throughout

Acting as an intermediary, we guide and support our clients throughout the process from start to finish. We’ll manage admin, ensuring you’re kept up to date with your case progress in language which is easy to understand. This includes:

  • Files and paperwork

  • Deadline notices

  • Claims

  • Written statements

Although we do not give advice, you can rest assured that your legal process will run smoothly and professionally.

Serving as Intermediaries Between Litigants

Our highly skilled individuals specialise in probate and property law, ensuring that all clients receive the expertise necessary to navigate legal challenges efficiently and effectively.

Our consultants all have legal experience in various departments and a variety of qualification levels, including master and degree levels, BAR qualified and university equivalent certifications.

Our first process before proceeding is an initial conversation, followed by either an in-person and online conference. If you would like further details about our process or terms and conditions, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with our experienced intermediaries for further guidance.

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Contact Our Legal Professionals for Intermediary Services Across the UK

Make an appointment with our team at ASL Legal & Property Group Ltd at our London office today, or contact us by filling out enquiry form located on our contact page.

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